Find Your Perfect Style

Find Your Perfect Style

Welcome to Adamar! We're here to help you unveil your unique fashion identity and curate a wardrobe that perfectly reflects your style. Answer the following questions to discover your signature style and find the perfect pieces that resonate with you.

**1. What's your go-to everyday look?**
a) Casual and comfortable
b) Classic and polished
c) Bohemian and free-spirited
d) Edgy and bold

**2. What's your favorite color palette?**
a) Neutrals and earth tones
b) Timeless black and white
c) Vibrant and eclectic shades
d) Dark and moody hues

**3. What's your preferred weekend outfit?**
a) Jeans and a cozy sweater
b) Tailored trousers and a blouse
c) Flowy maxi dress and sandals
d) Leather jacket and statement accessories

**4. Which fashion icon inspires you the most?**
a) Jennifer Aniston
b) Audrey Hepburn
c) Sienna Miller
d) Rihanna

**5. Your accessory of choice is:**
a) Sneakers or comfortable flats
b) Timeless pearl earrings or a classic watch
c) Layered boho necklaces and bracelets
d) Studded ankle boots or a statement belt

**6. What's your favorite pattern or print?**
a) Stripes
b) Polka dots
c) Floral
d) Animal print

**7. Your ideal formal event outfit is:**
a) Jumpsuit or chic separates
b) Little black dress
c) Flowy maxi gown
d) Structured blazer and tailored pants

**8. What is your preferred handbag style?**
a) Tote bag
b) Classic leather handbag
c) Fringe or embroidered boho bag
d) Edgy crossbody or clutch

**9. How do you approach denim?**
a) Distressed and comfortable
b) Straight-leg or bootcut
c) Wide-leg or flared
d) Skinny and ripped

**10. What word best describes your style?**
a) Relaxed
b) Elegant
c) Eclectic
d) Edgy

- Mostly A's: Your style is Casual Chic! Look for versatile pieces that offer comfort without compromising style.

- Mostly B's: You embody Timeless Elegance! Seek out classic and sophisticated pieces that stand the test of time.

- Mostly C's: You are a Bohemian Spirit! Embrace flowy fabrics, vibrant colors, and unique accessories to express your free-spirited style.

- Mostly D's: Your style is Edgy Glam! Opt for bold patterns, statement accessories, and sleek silhouettes to showcase your fearless fashion sense.

Explore our curated collections based on your results and enjoy building a wardrobe that speaks to your individuality. Happy shopping at Adamar
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Timeless Elegance ✨


I feel this quiz was definitely spot on! I got casual chic and as a mom and elementary teacher it’s a little boost to have a versatile style 🤍

Marlene Smith

Mine is a mix between casual chic & edgy glam!


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